First Submission in 16 Years

I did it. I’m back.

I submitted a story to Chicken Soup for the Soul this morning. I decided that was the best place to start since that’s where I left off all those years ago.

Back then, I was sincerely trying to get published and I did manage to get a few short stories and articles published in some small-ish places but then I stopped. Dead.

I never did give up the dream and now that I’m in my sixties I’ve decided that it’s now or never.

So, wish me luck and wish me to keep going because I need all the help I can get.

A rainbow photo I took.

Are rainbows lucky?

As for today’s submission, I’ve sent it off with hope and a prayer. They will only contact me if my story gets accepted. I’ll keep you posted. Heck, I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops if it gets published!

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